Male Lion Barbed Penis Pictures. Why Lion Have Spines On Penis.

Male Lion Barbed Penis Pictures. Why Lion Have Spines On Penis.

Male Lion Penis.
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In the African grasslands, a young male lion wants to have an intimate relationship with a mature lioness . But the beautiful scene imagined by the male lion did not happen. Instead, the lioness bit him. After a fight, the male lion was seriously injured and left angrily.

Lions Mating Hard With Beautiful Moan (Sound ON)

The above is a classic scene in "Natural Legend", which is common in the African savannah. In order to have intimate behaviors with lionesses, male lions often have iron heads. But they don't know that every time they do this, there may be a fierce "fight", ranging from broken skin to serious injuries.

A possible reason for the lioness fighting with the male lion is because the lioness feels great pain in the process, so she wants to revenge and vent on the male lion.

Lion Penis Has Spikes

It is also understandable that there are barbs on the tools of cats, especially for large animals such as male lions. The data show that there are as many as dozens of them. The existence of barbs can promote the ovulation of female lions, and at the same time, it can destroy the body fluids of the previous male lion, ensuring that the cubs are their own children.
Lion Semen Collection.