Collect Stallion Semen While They Are Standing on the Ground

Collect Stallion Semen While They Are Standing on the Ground

How to collect stallion semen when he is standing.
Stand collect of stallion.
Make male horse ejaculate when standing.

1. Collection on the Ground Using an AV (Artificial Vaginal)

We find that the Missouri style is best for ground collection with an AV because it is light and easy to balance, but any model can be used. For training, we usually start with a very warm, full, and well-lubricated AV (50°C lumen when applied to penis). The temperature of an AV can be tested in the field by leaving your arm in the lumen for 5 seconds. Then, the stallion is teased until he gets an erection and looks ready to ride.
Stimulate stallion to make him erection.
Rub horse belly to make him erection.

The AV technician walks up to the stallion's shoulder, runs a hand along the side of the stallion to let it know he's coming, and then slips the AV onto the stallion's penis. If the stallion doesn't thrust right away, the AV is gently pushed toward the base of the penis and pressure is put on the stallion's penis to get it to thrust. Full stroking movements of the AV are usually not helpful and seem to make some stallions nervous. Most stallions ejaculate after 6–10 well-planned pelvic thrusts. If the stallion doesn't ejaculate on the first try, each subsequent try makes him work harder and with more organization to ejaculate.

Use AV to let stallion ejaculate.

2. Using Manual Hand Stimulation

When collecting sperm through manual stimulation, we use disposable plastic bags that can be taped to the end of the penis shaft (around the bag, not the skin). Nasco sells plastic sleeve mitts (8.3 x 22 in), but it is important to check that the bags are not spermicidal because batches can be different. You could also use an AV liner that is only used once. These don't kill sperm, but they cost more. Some stallions don't like how some of the heavier plastics used for AV liners look. Thin film rectal sleeves are usually strong, light, and don't let sperm through. About 6–8 inches of the bag hang down below the end of the penis (maintaining a clean receptacle).

Extra air is let out of the bag to keep it from "popping" when the horse moves. Some stallions will respond to touch alone, but most will learn faster if hot packs are put on each hand. Hot compresses can be made with thin, disposable cellulose sponges (69, 3, and 69), which can be bought at discount department stores. Before they are used, the compresses are dipped into a bucket of clean hot water (55°C). When the stallion is ready to be mounted, the compresses are squeezed out and put over each palm. The left hand is cupped over the glans penis right away.

Since the left hand is already acting as the cranial wall of the vagina, there is no need to squeeze with it. Usually, thrusting starts with a light amount of pressure from the warm compress on the distal glans.

Hand make stallion ejaculate
Use crump method to make stallion ejaculate

With a compress in the right hand, the base of the penis is then steadily held with the left hand (firm handshake, no stroking). With each thrust, a gentle squeeze is put on the right hand. This hand works like the mare's vulvar muscles, which get tighter with each thrust. Most stallions will thrust and ejaculate in response to this kind of stimulation. As soon as the man starts to ejaculate, the sperm goes into the clean end of the plastic bag. The bag is cut off near the sperm and brought to the lab.