Bull Mating With Semen Ejaculate Outside

Bull Ejaculate Outside Cow When Mating

Bull mating success.
Bull ejaculate outside.
Bull semen.
Bull mating with cow success.
Bull penis with ejaculate view.
How to masturbate a bull with hands.

Masturbate A Bull With Hands.

Here's how to make a bull ejaculate with your hands.

Bull Penis Pictures

Bull erection when mating.

Bull Ejaculate Outside Cow's Vaginal

A bull has a premature ejaculate when mating. Bull too excited lol.

Bull Ejaculate On Floor

Electrojac bull ejaclating. 

How To Make A Bull Ejaculate

To excite the bull, the handler inserts a 75 to 90 millimeter-wide electric probe directly into his anus and rectum. A tube linked to a latex rubber cone known as a "love cup" is used for collection.

As a handler holds the probe within the bull, they gently raise the voltage levels from the lowest to highest setting until the bull ejaculates. If no ejaculation happens, the handlers try again 15 minutes later.

This approach is considered efficient by the industry since it does not require a "mount animal."

What Exactly Is Electroejaculation?

The procedure of electroejaculation is painful for the animal. It also happens without anesthetic. Because of its brutality, both the Netherlands and Denmark have outlawed this practice.